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In Session

'Get cozy' with financial planning and clear the path to growth

Financials BSchool In Session
For entrepreneurs, there's nothing scarier than crunching numbers and wondering, "Where did all the money go?" This Business School session at Natural Products Expo West 2017 provides a panel of experts to help companies make friends with their financials.

"One of your biggest jobs as a leader is to figure out how to get as much done for as little money as possible."

—Chris Fenster, Propeller Industries

Part 1: Some basics to start


  • Natural Products Consulting's Bob Burke talks pricing and how to create a distribution build. 
  • 3 most important factors to build value in your company.


Part 2: Co-packer considerations


  • Fantasy Cookie Co.'s Kristen Anderberg outlines the financial costs in finding a co-packer. 
  • Six primary considerations for finding a co-packer and ways to save money.


Part 3: Other costs to remember


  • Propeller Industries' Chris Fenster explains ways to factor in other important costs for different stage companies.
  • Why you need to be mindful of the non-P&L costs and how to line up the capital. 


Part 4: Financial levers that really matter


  • Good Eggs' Bentley Hall provides two financial levers that are the most important for ensuring the fastest growth.
  • Four things that you can do to grow and scale your business.


Part 5: Successful P&L evolution


  • VMG Partner's Wayne Wu outlines four stages of a successful P&L evolution.

This session—Friend not Foe, Getting Cozy with Financials—was recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2017. Click "download" below to access the presentation slides. 


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