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How to disrupt the plant-based foods marketplace

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Plant-based food industry leaders discuss global trends, and the challenges and successes in the plant-based marketplace as new ingredients emerge and consumers demand a variety of healthy, tasteful, high-quality options.

Part 1: Consumer trends 

  • Latest survey reveals plant-based diets are becoming more mainstream.  
  • Food launches with vegetarian claims are up 60 percent. 
  • Overview of top protein ingredients and growth categories. 


Part 2: Process of product innovation 

  • Strategies for successful product development.
  • Emerging ingredients and commercialization. 


Part 3: How we grow 

  • Successful growth through "taste, innovation and expertise."  
  • Health-conscious consumption trends result in demand for better quality, premium products. 


Part 4: What’s new on the Expo East show floor  

  • Exciting new and innovative plant-based products. 
  • Plant-based products matter not only for health or environmental reasons, but also for taste, education and discovery. 


Part 5: Q&A 

  • What are your views on the clean meat industry? 
  • What affects price and will plant-based products become more affordable?
  • In addition to policy, what do you see as a role of Big Food and the challenges around supply and cost in agriculture? 
  • How do you persuade non-vegetarians about the value of plant-based products without being patronizing? 

This session—Product Innovation: A Current Snapshot & Predictions for the Future of Plant-Based Foods—was recorded at Natural Products Expo East 2017. Click "download" to access the presentation slides. 

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