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In Session

How Justin's, Noosa and Annie's retain their core values after acquisition

Unique Brands Retain Culture Through Acquisition
Successful entrepreneurs Justin's Nut Butter founder Justin Gold, Noosa Yoghurt co-founder Koel Thomae and Annie's President John Foraker discuss scaling their brands and what happened when they decided to sell their companies. This In Session series was recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2017.

"We've always been genuine about who we are, very transparent, very authentic ... nothing is changing, if anything we are going to make even more delicious products that will blow your mind." 

Koel Thomae, Noosa Yoghurt

Part 1: The exit strategy


  • How did these entrepreneurs grow their brands to national recognition? 
  • What led them to decide to sell their companies? 


Part 2: Forging a new era


  • How do you create lasting values in business? 
  • Committing to the right partner and negotiating quality retention.


Part 3: 'Buying in' versus 'selling out'


  • Can Big Food companies change to meet the new generation of consumers?
  • Standing up for your core values in the midst of a business acquisition is essential.


Part 4: Teamwork


  • How did the acquisition affect employees?


Part 5: Questions and answers


  • The importance of mentors. 
  • How to raise capital and partner with investors.
  • Crafting a visual brand identity that is authentic and unique.


This sessionHow to Sell Without Selling Outwas recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2017.

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