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How to succeed as a business mentor and mentee

The value of mentorship and finding your people in strategic business growth
Jane Miller of and Rachael Shayne of FocusedBrands discuss modern-day mentoring—what works, what doesn’t and how it has changed to be more collaborative and peer focused.  

“Mentoring time can be given in small moments. Those little nudges do make a difference. It’s not this giant momentous mentoring occasion. It’s just these nice little nudges along the way.”
—Rachael Shayne, FocusedBrands

Part 1: Mentorship and networking  


  • Establish a network when fundraising and have multiple mentors.  
  • Find relationships that are bilateral and beneficial for both parties. 
  • Honesty and constructive criticism is important in mentor relationships. 
  • The impact of the "Five-minute Favor."



Part 2: Role-play mentor skits


  • Prioritize the issues you’re having for your mentor.  
  • How to initiate the connection with a potential mentor. 
  • Being prepared for your mentor helps him or her offer advice that is appropriate to their abilities.
  • Be confident without sounding arrogant.  



Part 3: How mentoring has evolved 


  • Mentoring does not have to be a big commitment.
  • Hierarchy is out. Treating people as equals is in. 
  • Time is precious; be prepared. 


This session—Don't Go Alone: The Value Mentorship and Finding Your People—was recorded at Natural Products Expo East 2017. Click "download" to access the presentation slides.

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