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Navigating today's supplement market: Key category leaders emerge in-store and on Amazon – webinar

Navigating today's supplement market: Key category leaders emerge in-store and on Amazon – webinar
Join SPINS in this webinar discussing the supplement market post-pandemic in an unpredictable world of inflation and supply chain issues.

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Taking care of health was top of mind for consumers throughout the pandemic and supplements took center stage as a key personal wellness strategy. But during such unusual times the market felt unpredictable. Over the last 2 years overall industry performance has steadied, and a clearer picture of the state of the industry and category winners has emerged. 

SPINS experts Dan Harari and Scott Dicker will discuss the numbers and implications, with a focus on how the microbiome, sleep and stress relief, and performance nutrition supplements are performing in stores and on Amazon as pandemic shopping habits normalize and inflation looms.


  • Understand which categories are the winners and hold greatest growth potential.
  • If you're a brand, know where best to place your product innovation pipeline priorities.
  • If you're a retailer, know how to best plan your category sets for the coming months, and perhaps years ahead.
  • If you're a supplier or service provider, know what's coming down the pike so that you are ready for demand planning.

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Fran Schoenwetter
Content Marketing Director, Informa Health and Nutrition

Dan Harari
VP of Business Development, SPINS

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Scott Dicker
Senior Market Insights Analyst, SPINS

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