Natural Products Expo

The secret to evolving a successful brand? Listening

At Expo West 2017, we caught up with Pat Crowley on the distribution strategy of Chapul, lessons learned and how he's evolved his mission-based brand.

Pat Crowley, founder of Chapul - an ancient protein cricket bar that launched in 2012, discusses the value of authentic messaging. 

In Chapul's journey bringing cricket protein to market as an alternative to resource-intensive agriculture, there were many lessons along the way.

All in all, your consumer should always be a guiding light. From focus groups to demos, always be listening.

Over the life of the brand, Chapul has developed a deep understanding of its consumer. Crowley discusses how the brand has honed their strategy over time from distribution to messaging. The key? Focusing on one store, in every single detail, to truly check the pulse of your product. And with just as much care taken to develop relationships with investors, retailers should be just as cherished and chosen wisely to help you along the way. 

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