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Build Your Culture Grow Your People

Shape a thriving company culture by believing in the potential of people to grow

This session at Natural Products Expo West 2017 features three distinct perspectives from a business leader, an academic and a researcher who are all devoted to one topic: developing culture.

"In the 21st century it is not enough to be a great place to work, we need to be great places to grow. Not just for key leaders, but for everybody."
—Andy Fleming, Way to Grow Inc. 

Part 1: Bring value to your organization


  • David Gray, executive vice president of sales and marketing at GreenSeed Contract Packaging, tells his story of growing his company from a seedling.



Part 2: Everybody matters 


  • Andy Fleming, CEO and founding principal at Way to Grow Inc., explains what lead him to his life's work of helping organizations bring value to their work. 
  • Two paradigms for growth at work.



Part 3: Great leadership = transparency 


  • Andy Swindler, storyteller at Mabbly, shares his discoveries from interviewing leaders at more than 100 companies about workplace culture.
  • The ways in which practicing vulnerability can radically change an organization. 



Part 4: Culture can bridge generations  


  • Defining the higher purpose of your organization.  
  • How to use a defined culture to bridge generations of employees. 



Part 5: Don't leave your humanity at the door 


  • Passion isn't everything: great leaders have to be willing and eager to change. 
  • How to establish systems of feedback within a senior leadership team.


This session—Build Your Culture; Grow Your People; Advance Your Business—as recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2017. Click download below to access the presentation slides.



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