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When focusing on immune support, don’t forget the microbiome – download

When focusing on immune support, don’t forget the microbiome – download
As the consumer mindset around immune health shifts to year-round protection, the microbiome is key when focusing on total immune support.

Consumers are shifting towards a multifaceted, year-round approach to immune health. Eating well, hydrating, sleeping, and keeping stress down are important, but it’s important to recognize when your body might need a bit more help. 

Probiotics can act as a useful supplement to support immune and gut health, and it’s pertinent that consumers use probiotics backed by science and clinical studies to attain favorable results. Jarrow Formulas new Probiotic Duo gummies have clinically studied bacteria that thrive in the gut, supporting the immune system by filling nutritional gaps and diversifying gut bacteria. 

Download this guide to dig into Jarrow Formulas science-backed supplements for immune and gut health. 

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