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Why women and feminine values lead the 'good food' future

how women and feminine values will lead the good food future
Explore the feminine values that expand our reach as a natural products industry with Natural Products Expo East panelists Robyn O'Brien, Allergy Kids Foundation; Ann Yang, Misfit Juicery; Carlotta Mast, New Hope Network; and Sheldon Romer, consultant/coach.

"There is something about the collaboration that women bring, and the ability to roll up their sleeves and tackle problems, that can seem pretty audacious. If we can harness that feminine value of collaboration, that will really move us forward and break the status quo."
—Carlotta Mast, New Hope Network

Part 1: Why this conversation is important 


  • Authentic, conscious leadership will help women rise up in the industry. 
  • Focus on growing conscious leadership to build a better model of diversity.  


Part 2: The value of collaboration 


  • How to harness the feminine value of collaboration. 
  • It's not just about traditional gender values but about holistic values tied to human beings.  
  • Collaboration leads to creative solutions.


Part 3: The value of vulnerability


  • View vulnerability as authentic and conscious leadership. 
  • "The concept of vulnerability as a strength, as a place where you can connect with people, and those connections make you strong," Robyn O'Brien said. 


Part 4: Fueling the cultural shift through trust and consciousness 


  • Change the cultural norm and honor the collective. 
  • It's about mission and being part of something bigger than profit.
  • Find a mentor and a support system that's involved in constant learning.


Part 5: Q&A 


  • The misunderstanding of service vs. enabling.  
  • How to find a mentor in this industry. 

This session—Why Women & Feminine Values Will Lead the Good Food Future—was recorded at Natural Products Expo East 2017. 

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