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Expo West 2018 Storytelling and Brand Equity In Session

Your lemons are part of your brand’s story, so share them

When Mikaila Ulmer was just 4 years old, she was stung by two bees in one week. If that hadn’t happened, this 13-year-old wouldn’t be the CEO of a lemonade company whose mission is to save the bees.

"The more passionate you are about what you do, the more fun you'll have doing it."

—Mikaila Ulmer, Me & the Bees Lemonade

Part 1: Bee pollination is critical for our food system


  • One in three bites of our food comes from food that bees pollinated.
  • Connect with your community, even if it means wearing a bee costume.



Part 2: Your brand is more than your name


  • Mikaila's Bee Sweet lemonade expanded flavors and distribution.
  • Tell your unique story to sell your product. 



Part 3: Turn lemons into lemonade


  • Learn from others' challenges and how they prevailed.
  • Natural Products Expo West attendees share lemons they faced in life and business.



Part 4: Be a beeliever


  • Have fun in what you do. 
  • You can save bees and make money at the same time. 
  • Stay grounded. For Mikaila, attending school serves this purpose. 


This session—Storytelling & Brand Equity: When Life Gives You Lemons—was recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2018. Click "download" below to access the presentation slides.

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