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Unvestin, Loesyn subjects of new published studies

Unvestin, Loesyn subjects of new published studies
Read the latest science on Unigen's patented ingredients.

Unigen Inc. announces that two of its patented products, Univestin® and Loesyn™, are the subjects of three new peer-reviewed publications. Univestin, a patented botanical joint health product, is the subject of two of the new publications. The first publication describes the effectiveness of Univestin (UP446) in animal models of rheumatoid arthritis, published in Pharmacognosy Research. The second publication reports results of a 26-week chronic toxicity study in Food and Nutrition Sciences providing additional published support for Univestin’s safety.

Loesyn, a patented aloe composition clinically shown to support healthy blood glucose levels, is the subject of a manuscript published in the Journal of Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders. The article reports Loesyn’s insulin sensitizer activity and mechanism of action studies in animal diabetes models. 

“These recent additions to Unigen’s published studies are an important component of our commitment to ongoing post commercialization support for Unigen’s products and our customers,” stated Unigen’s CEO, Ed Cannon, Ph.D. 


Full references for the articles:

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