Artisano Bakery Cafe and Market-Wise Nutrition Hosting Open House to Unveil New Health-Wise Breads and Pizzas

Artisano Bakery Café and Market-Wise Nutrition presents three new artisanal breads and pizzas infused with nutritional flours and the only strain of probiotics now available in Canada that is strong enough to bake with. Artisano’s new Chia Fiber Loaf, Cranberry Protein Pillow and Grape Wine Antioxidant Baguettes feature flours with a health purpose, not just all-purpose flour.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer our new Health-Wise line of breads and pizzas manufactured for and distributed by Market-Wise Nutrition Ltd. that combine superior health benefits with a fantastic aroma and taste,” said Michael Simeone, director of Artisano Bakery Café Ltd.

“Artisano’s mission is to give great tasting and wholesome menu choices to our customers, starting with our range of Health-Wise Omega breads and pizzas.” This is a great opportunity to introduce the concept of healthy baking using functional science-based ingredients in foods giving consumers a healthy alternative choice says Stephen Lukawski President of Market-Wise Nutrition Ltd.

The Chia Fiber Loaf: Chia branded as Chia -Wise is rich in fibre and a mega source of omega-3,. Overall Chia is easier to digest than flax, better absorbtion , more stability and cholesterol, gluten and trans-fat free. This new loaf blends over 20 grams of Chia, enriched white, stone ground whole wheat flour, and durum semolina to create a medium textured, nut flavoured bread.

The Cranberry Protein Pillow: Cranberry seed powder branded as Cran-Wise is a patented ingredient that contains an equal balance of Omegas- 3- 6-and 9 . The cranberry protein powder is a complete source of protein ,4 times more powerful than vitaminE, almost twice as powerful than Vitamin C , 46% more powerful antioxidants than cranberries , rich in potassium, magnesium, and fibre . Artisano’s special mix of cranberry, white and rye flours, soy beans, oats, sunflower, dried cranberries and almonds give this new dark bread a complex flavour profile of sinfully sweet yet boldly nutty.

The Grape-Wine Antioxidant Baguette and Pizzas: Bursting with the aroma of fresh grapes, the fruity wine taste of this purple hued bread is chock full of antioxidants, as well as vitamin A, potassium, calcium, iron and healthful fatty acids omega-3 and -6. GrapeWine flour branded as Grape-Wise is blended with enriched white and stone ground whole wheat flours and durum semolina to provide the perfectly chewy texture and soft crumbs you can expect from an Artisano baguette.

Join Us!
When: Thursday, June 25, 2:30pm-5:00pm
Where: Artisano Bakery Café, 353 Iroquois Rd Oakville Ontario L6H1M3
What: Sample Artisano’s premiere Health-Wise Omega breads and pizza and wine courtesy of Josephs Estate Winery.
RSVP: Michael Simeone, [email protected], or Stephen Lukawski [email protected]

About Artisano Bakery Café
Artisano Bakery Café is a unique concept restaurant and the first of its kind in Canada. Artisano has turned family recipes into a fresh, gourmet menu with friendly prices in an inviting environment. The full menu includes over 25 original artisanal breads crafted in the true European tradition, signature pizzas, sandwiches, pastas and salads. The Canadian owned and operated company has two locations in Oakville and one in Toronto. Visit

About Market-Wise Enterprises Ltd.
Market-Wise Enterprises Ltd founded by Stephen Lukawski in 2000 establishes alliances with ingredient producers to produce, sell, market and distribute science- based and innovative natural ingredients for food, beverages and supplements that promote a healthy and natural lifestyle. Market-Wise has established itself as a reputable distributor and supplier of science-based raw materials, a principle focus on consumer safety, environmental sustainability and product efficacy. Visit

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