Dr. Michael Falk From the LSRO Discusses the Challenges for Defining Fiber and Whole Grains and Their Regulatory Consequences

Dr. Falk presented a talk entitled Defining Fiber and Whole Grains: The Challenges and Regulatory Implications as part of a symposium entitled Fiber: The Heart of Whole Grain at the annual meeting of the Institute of Food Technologist (IFT) in Anaheim, CA. The presentation was based on the findings from a new LSRO report that evaluated the effect of applying the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) definition of whole grains and whole grain foods on the strength of scientific evidence in support of claims for risk reduction of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Dr. Falk’s slides for the IFT presentation can be viewed at http://www.lsro.org/articles/FalkIFT2009FiberSympos.pdf

Dr Falk will discuss Evaluations of the Health Effects of Whole Grains Must Address Their Fiber Rich Fractions on July 1, 2009 at the Healthgrain Symposium: Cereal Grain Fiber and Health as part of the 4th Annual International Fiber Conference being held in Vienna, Austria. Please click here to learn more about the conference. www.icc.or.at/events/df09

Previously, Dr. Fabiana DeMoura, LSRO scientist also presented a poster Evaluating the Effect of Applying the FDA Definition of Whole Grains to Health Claims for Risk Reduction of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes on Experimental Biology (EB2009) held in New Orleans, LA. Please click here to view Dr. DeMoura’s poster. http://www.lsro.org/articles/wholeGrainDemouraEB2009.pdf

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