Kampffmeyer Food Innovation Purafarin HydroSoft functional flour

Kampffmeyer unveils 3 baking ingredients

Check out these winning solutions.

At FiE 2013, Kampffmeyer Food Innovation GmbH demonstrated its competence in creating highly natural and functional ingredients based on grain. Purafarin HydroSoft® functional flour allows manufacturers to replace additives during dough processing. Slow Milling Ferment’tic®, a fermented wheat germ flour, enables production to be speeded up significantly, while Optigrain Snow®Wheat combines the nutritional advantages of the whole grain with the characteristics of white wheat flour.

Purafarin HydroSoft is a novel alternative to baking agents, such as emulsifiers and thickeners. These additives are commonly used when processing baked goods on an industrial scale and have to be declared as additives. The functional flour imparts good volume, extended freshness and a soft texture in a natural way. Purafarin HydroSoft can be used in versatile ways—for example, in fine baked goods, Danish pastries, white breads, snacks and frozen pizzas.

When it comes to process simplification, Kampffmeyer Food Innovation’s Slow Milling Ferment’tic scores well. The wheat ferment provides Mediterranean style baked goods in particular with a full, aromatic taste as well as the ‘holes in the crumb’ appearance that is so characteristic. In terms of process efficiency, the ingredient’s biggest advantage becomes obvious by applying straight dough processing. With Slow Milling Ferment’tic, lengthy sponge and proving processes are not required. Thus, production flow can be improved and quantities can be flexibly planned. The taste and appearance of finished products are comparable with baked goods produced with traditional time-consuming dough manufacturing methods.

The combination of pleasure and health are the focus of Kampffmeyer Food Innovation’s Optigrain SnowWheat line. This ingredient gives baked goods the nutritional value of the whole grain and the sensory profile of products made with conventional wheat flour. Additionally, end products are characterized by an extended shelf life and excellent volume.


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