NutraGenesis launches Orisett

NutraGenesis launches Orisett

Containing low molecular weight chitosan oligosaccharide bioactives derived from crab shells, Orisett helps promotes healthy blood sugar maintenance.

NutraGenesis LLC is pleased to announce the launch of Orisett™, the new benchmark nutraceutical for advanced blood glucose management. Orisett is a breakthrough, naturally derived, patent-pending nutraceutical designed to define the benchmark for the glucose management category. Containing low molecular weight chitosan oligosaccharide bioactives derived from crab shells, clinically proven Orisett helps promotes both long-term blood sugar maintenance as well as short-term post-prandial responses via multiple mechanisms of action. Orisett was developed and manufactured by NutraGenesis supply partner Kunpoong Bio Co., Ltd. of South Korea, a leading international supplier of chitosan oiligosaccharides.

Orisett’s efficacy and safety have been demonstrated in short-term and long-term “gold standard”, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials involving healthy subjects, as well as pre-clinical research.

“We are very excited about the launch of Orisett into the North American marketplace and the vast potential for this state-of-the-art ingredient,” said NutraGenesis President Suzanne McNeary. “With the glucose management category predicted to grow to $240 million by 2019, clinically proven Orisett has the potential to gain significant market share”.

Orisett may be utilized as either a standalone ingredient or as the featured proprietary ingredient in glucose maintenance and metabolic wellness dietary supplements formulations. Orisett can enhance the novel, specialty status of a wide variety of product applications including: capsules, tablets, nutrition bars, stick packs, drink mixes, gummies and more.


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