Salba On-the-GO: Salba Life Bars & Salba Singles

Ever since Core Naturals made its debut on the natural health stage in 2005 with their introduction of Salba, they’ve been experiencing exponential growth, industry recognition, and consumer popularity. Now, with the addition of Salba Singles and Salba Life Bars, Core Naturals is building upon their reputation as nutritional innovators.

Salba Life Bars: Whole Food Bars for Heart Health & Natural Energy
Core Naturals Salba Life Bars combine all-natural, premium whole food ingredients with a full 12-gram serving of Salba -- nature's richest plant-based source of Omega 3s and Fiber. These bars feature a rich and crunchy texture, and are available in three flavors, with each bar containing over 2,500 mg of omega 3s and over 7 grams of fiber. Tropical Fruit is made with Organic cocoanut; Cranberry Nut is made with Organic cranberries and almonds; and Mixed Berry features a selection of berries including Sambazon organic acai. As with all Salba products, these bars are Certified Vegan, Non-GMO, Kosher and Gluten-Free.

Salba Singles: Individual packets, each a single 12-gram serving of Salba
Core Naturals has also released a new, convenient application of their Salba Whole Seed product called Salba Singles. These single serving packets offer on-the-go whole food nutrition, with each containing 12 grams of Salba Whole Seeds. Every box of Salba Singles contains 15 packets. Just tear them open and mix Salba’s heirloom white seeds with any food or beverage.

Salba, Core Naturals, & CEO Mitch Propster
As CEO of Core Naturals, Mitch Propster has proven himself to be a true visionary. Mitch is dedicated to the tasks of meticulous research, followed by the careful, phased introduction of each product, and then taking all the necessary steps to ensure that the supply chain remains fully capable of meeting demands from distributors, retailers and customers. Salba was one of the Top Three Finalists for 2008 NutrAward for Best New Product, Best New Product 2008 in Better Nutrition Magazine, Best New Product 2008 from Frontier Distributors, and Propster himself winning the honor of being included in Natural Food Merchandiser’s publication, “40 Under 40.”

For more information, visit or call 888-499-8665

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