Shiseido Commercializes Yonaguni's "Long Life Grass"

Shiseido Co., Ltd. has announced that it will launch two new products, a “Shiseido Chomeiso” beverage and tablet supplement, on 21 September 2008 through stores stocking Shiseido cosmetics nationwide. The products will be made using “Long Life Grass” (Peucedanum japonicum), grown exposed to the strong UV rays and sea air of YonaguniIsland in Okinawa. The products will go on sale in Okinawa from 1 September 2008. Due to its having been exposed to strong UV rays and sea air, YonaguniIsland’s “Long Life Grass” is said to contain many nutrients that women tend to lack, such as dietary fiber, iron, calcium, minerals, and is also rich in polyphenol, which helps support women’s health and beauty. The “Long Life Grass” being used by the company is being cultivated by a contracted plantation on YonaguniIsland. The drink is an aojiru-type beverage blended with fruit juice, whereas the tablets are made from granules. The drink costs JPY 210 for 160 g, and for 180 tablets the cost is JPY 5,250.

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