Virun Named in top five "Companies to Watch"

Virun has been recognized by Nutraceuticals World magazine as one of five “Companies to Watch” in the June 2009 article listing the stories behind five impressive companies serving the dietary supplement and functional food businesses. Virun’s specialty lies in using nanotechnology to incorporate non-polar (water hating) compounds, such as omega 3s and CoQ10, into food and beverages with clear solubility and stability. Until now, these compounds had no life in clear, shelf-stable beverages, existing mostly in cloudy or dairy-based applications.

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The observation by Nutraceuticals World is an indication that new and innovative technology is leading the industry and Virun is a recognized leader in this development. Phillip Bromley, Virun founder and CEO, said the need for this type of technology was “accidentally” discovered as a result of his work with biotech companies. Originally, Virun was founded as an R&D company with the goal of improving the oral pharmacokinetics of compounds. Virun realized its mission of “improving life through safe and effective oral delivery” extended past the confines of the biotech industry and the ultimately successful venture into applying this technology to the food and beverage industry began.

As a result of the diversified customer base including both biotech and dietary supplement companies, Phillip Bromley explained the recognized future profitability by stating; “Today, due to our wide range of expertise, our profits are very diversified, much like a strong, conservative investment portfolio.” In addition to being the founder and CEO, Mr. Bromley is also the man responsible for developing most of the technology and intellectual property for Virun. Compared to working with pharmaceuticals, Mr. Bromley said working with foods and beverages is very different. “In the pharmaceutical industry you have a responsibility for helping to cure disease. In the food and beverage industry, we are concerned mostly with providing technical solutions for various applications. It’s a totally different proposition.”

Virun’s technology essentially creates a bubble around the ingredient so that it remains protected, allowing it to be added to a multitude of applications. This opens the door for ingredients that in the past have been notoriously difficult to formulate with, including omega 3s (EPA/DHA), CoQ10, beta-carotene and lutein.

Further, the substances Virun uses in its technology are natural. Instead of using synthetic preservatives, it uses a natural antioxidant system, which binds to EPA/DHA, for example, to reduce light scattering and contribute to the clarity of beverages. The natural antioxidant system also prevents oxidation, which is crucial for ingredients like fish oil. For these reasons, Mr. Bromley regards nanotechnology as Virun’s “blank canvas.”

Founded in 2003 in City of Industry, CA, Virun has become a recognized leader specializing in the science of safe and effective drug delivery and food/beverage technologies. Virun has expanded its technology portfolio through partnering companies, engineering solutions & science alike. Through problem solving, Virun and its partners have been able to develop cost effective, resilient yet simple solutions.

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