DSM carotenoids kick up color

DSM carotenoids kick up color

DSM’s broad coloration line features carotenoids produced through fermentation to nature-identical beta-carotene, canthaxanthin and apocarotenol.

As a global leader in coloration and innovation, DSM offers a range of natural and nature identical colors and will feature its pack of color possibilities at the Institute of Food Technologist Annual Meeting & Food Expo 2013. DSM has unrivaled technical expertise and can help formulate food and beverage products with color solutions that bring greater health and appetite appeal.

DSM’s uniquely broad coloration product line features a vast assortment of carotenoids from natural-sourced CaroCare® produced through fermentation to nature-identical beta-carotene, canthaxanthin and apocarotenol—all in a variety of innovative forms and delivery systems, either used singly or mixed to reproduce a virtually unlimited number of color tones and shades that can match manufacturers’ most exacting product specifications and marketing strategies.

DSM carotenoids are manufactured to industry’s highest quality standards and certified by our exclusive Quality for Life™ seal—an emblem underscoring our dedication to quality. Our carotenoids are produced under GMP conditions, are safe and regulated as GRAS for fortification. They are stable to heat, light and pH, and deliver nutritional advantages while providing a clean label for your product.

A recent survey revealed that 67 percent of health conscious consumers read product labels to review the ingredient that colors their food or beverage product. At IFT 2013, DSM booth 2439 will feature naturally colored ice-creams, baked goods, margarine, dairy, confectionary and colored liquid concentrates  to showcase DSM’s broad range of colors—all to better help manufacturers meet the nutritional and coloration needs of today’s informed consumers.

To learn more about DSM’s Coloration Capabilities, please visit us at IFT booth 2439 or call 1-800-526-0189. Additional information on our carotenoid portfolio can be found on dsm.com/human-nutrition.


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