LycoRed strengthens foothold in France

LycoRed strengthens foothold in France

New regional sales manager will enhance Lycored’s focus on marketing natural food colorants and premixes to French food and beverages companies.

LycoRed Ltd. appoints Marlene Comon as regional sales manager for the French food and beverage market. Comon will enhance Lycored’s focus on marketing natural food colorants line and vitamin and mineral premixes to food and beverages companies.

Analysis of new product launches tracked by Innova Market Insights in France using natural colors, revealed a steady increase in activity through 2011 and 2012. In 2012, natural colors were used in 10 percent of products launches and the top market categories for such launches were: gum, cakes, pastries and sweet goods, ice cream and yogurt.

“It’s exciting to have Comon with her impressive track record as part of LycoRed’s EMEA sales team,” says Ilan Ron, executive vice president of global sales and marketing. “Her extensive experience in the food and beverage market in France is an important asset, not just to LycoRed but also for the food and beverage developers in this important market.”

Adds Ron, “Comon brings many years of experience in sales for the French food industry and has a vast knowledge of implementing sales strategies and management of key accounts and will be reporting to Laurence Le Goff, global key accounts manager for both the French and the overseas market”

Comon previously was account manager of France for Tate & Lyle from 2004 through 2012. She holds a master degree from the Ecole Superieure d'agriculture d'Angers, France, as well as a marketing degree from Wyoming University, United States.

"The world colorant market is estimated in US$20 billionand the market growth is estimated to reach 10 percent,” notes Philippe Millet, managing editor of Actif's Magazine. “The main markets are Europe (US$7 billion), US (US$5 billion), Japan (US$2 billion). The functional foods market in France is estimated at €2-3 billion, with main categories as: dairy, oils and margarine, breakfast cereals and bakery.”

Ron points out that the shift toward natural food colorantsin the food and beverage market continues to grow, as “consumers associate natural with quality.” He adds, “The rising preference for all natural colors also is fuelled by the increased awareness of food safety and health issues—consumers demand natural and healthy alternatives to the artificial food coloring.”



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