Naturex extends spirulina blue to confectionery

Naturex extends spirulina blue to confectionery

Thanks to the innovative technology miChroma, Naturex can offer the full color spectrum for panned candy, chews, jellies, gums and compound coatings.

Naturex is now offering a palette of natural solutions based on spirulina extracts for creating candy coatings in brilliant green, blue, and violet hues.

The FDA approval authorizing the use of spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) as a natural blue colorant for candies and chewing gums went into effect on September 13. The use of the algae-based pigment is currently limited to candy and gum applications where its deep blue color demonstrates high solubility and rapid dispersion.
“Spirulina is an excellent alternative to synthetic blue and meets the demand for natural products. It is also a good choice for confectionery applications, including those that require natural lipophilic coloring solutions. We are currently the only manufacturer to offer colors made from spirulina extract that incorporate easily in lipophilic formulations like confectionery compound coatings,” said Nathalie Pauleau, business manager. Thanks to an innovative technology called miChroma™ and a strong expertise, Naturex can offer the full color spectrum for a wide range of confectionery applications (panned candy, chews and jellies, gums, compound coatings, etc.).
Strengthened by the expertise developed in other parts of the world that already use spirulina, Naturex offers a natural blue that, combined with other naturally sourced pigments, can replicate the various hues of certified colors from light blue to blueberry, tangy green apple to deep minty green, and intense blackberry to pastel lilac. The references are available in different forms including liquid, powder, and oil dispersible versions, and stability studies have been performed on each. Naturex’s New Jersey-based application and R&D laboratory dedicated to colors can also work on specific projects to provide tailor-made recommendations.

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