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First Sustainable Cleaning Products summit set for October

Sustainable Cleaning Products summit
At the first Sustainable Cleaning Products summit, manufacturers can learn about the technical and marketing challenges of reducing their home-care products' environmental impacts.

The first-ever sustainability summit dedicated to cleaning products, the Sustainable Cleaning Products summit, will tackle the major technical and marketing challenges associated with green home-care products on Oct. 20-21 in Paris.

The summit kicks off with a keynote address from a representative of the most sustainable home-care brand, Ecover. Amarjit Sahota, founder and president of Organic Monitor, will present the latest data on the European market for green household cleaning products. An update will be given on market trends and developments, as well as industry challenges and future projections. Other papers will cover ethical retailing, green consumer behavior, and case studies from home-care brands and ingredient firms.

The green formulations session will provide an update on the growing array of green ingredients available for home-care product formulations. Sylvie Morcillo, director of Eco-Garantie, will describe the certification landscape for home care products. What are the leading standards for natural and organic home care products? What sustainability standards are emerging? Representatives of the leading French green home-care brand, Etamine du Lys, will discuss how the company overcame formulation challenges to produce certified products. The session will also give an update on sustainable surfactants, green fragrances, cleaning enzymes, and novel chemicals for home care products.

Judi Beerling, head of technical research at Organic Monitor, will conduct a workshop on green surfactants and emulsifiers. She will give details of the green materials that can replace synthetics in home-care and personal-care formulations. Guidance will be given to formulators and product developers looking to develop stable and effective formulations using these green materials.

Xavier Vital, global environmental services manager and innovation and product development manager at SGS, will host a second workshop on environmental impacts to guide home-care brands and ingredient firms on how to reduce their environmental footprints. Vital will give life-cycle analysis data for home-care and personal-care products, explaining impacts at the various stages. Practical advice will be given to companies on how to develop ‘reduced-impact’ products.

Organic Monitor has launched the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit to encourage sustainability in the cleaning care products industry, which appears to be lagging related industries. According to Amarjit Sahota of Organic Monitor, “Home-care brands have been slow to develop green formulations and adopt standards compared to the personal-care and food industries. By tackling the major technical and marketing issues in this premier edition, we hope brands will start cleaning up their formulations.”

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