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America's 10 heart healthiest cities

America's 10 heart healthiest cities
New survey finds that Miami and Las Vegas rank the highest in heart health supplementation in the U.S.

A question for the residents of the 50 most populated cities in the U.S.: Who cares most about their hearts? As it turns out, two snowbird destinations take the top spots: Miami and Las Vegas.

According to new quantitative research conducted by Puritan’s Pride, Miamians purchased 5.3 times more heart health products than average citizens in America’s 50 most populated cities. Las Vegas residents purchased 2.8 times more Puritan’s Pride heart health products to get their tickers fitter.

The most heart-health-fortified cities were tallied when Puritan’s Pride, a leading global manufacturer and distributor of high-quality vitamins and nutritional supplements, analyzed 2013-2014 sales of 300 of their heart health supplements in the 50 most populated cities in the United States. This included products typically associated with heart health like garlic, fish oil and Co-Q 10 (ubiquinol), and lesser-known ingredients like phytosterols and flaxseed.

“Taking steps to support heart health happens coast-to-coast, and this survey shows that citizens are paying attention,” said Kristin Schierenbeck, a certified nutrition specialist for Puritan's Pride. “Today, with all of the information available about heart health consumers are more aware than ever of how to take care of themselves.”

Tell that to San Francisco, because out of the 50 most populated cities in the country, it comes in last purchasing 0.03 times the amount of heart health products than average, despite the focus on healthy living in the city by the Bay.

Passion for the heart spanned coast to coast, with the populations of these cities making the top 10 spots for cardiac supplementation:

  1. Miami, FL – 5.3x
  2. Las Vegas, NV – 2.8x
  3. Portland, OR – 2.77x
  4. Minneapolis, MN – 2.40x
  5. Cleveland, OH – 2.1x
  6. Tucson, AZ – 1.9x
  7. New York, NY – 1.5x
  8. Atlanta, GA – 1.4x
  9. Denver, CO – 1.3x
  10. Colorado Springs, CO – 1.27x

“Your heart is a muscle that constantly working and never gets a break, so it's important to keep it as well nourished as possible,” says Brooke Alpert, M.S., R.D., C.D.N., founder of B Nutritious and a paid spokesperson for Puritan’s Pride. “The combination of a healthy diet plus supplementation with specific key nutrients is the best way to support a healthy heart.”

According to the New York Department of Health, cardiovascular health issues cost New York State $32.6 billion in 2008 alone. New York City only ranks seventh in the results; New Yorkers purchased 1.5 times more heart health supplements than the rest of the top towns in the U.S. According to research from the CDC, counties in southern states fall short of the norm when it comes to heart health. Citizens in the CDC’s home city of Atlanta take note - at eighth on the list, they purchased just 1.4 times more products than average.

Detroit ranked #49, purchasing 0.34 times fewer units of heart health supplements than the average of the top 50 cities.

All heart health products analyzed for this research were sold by Puritan’s Pride. 

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