Fruit snacks market rife with opportunities

Fruit snacks market rife with opportunities

New survey reveals that kids love fruit and parents want healthier snacks for their children. This equals big opportunities for healthy snack manufacturers.

Fresh and processed fruit snacks are on the rise in the UK as health concerned parents want more healthy products for their kids, finds new survey by Canadean.

The survey of 506 parents with children aged 16 or under reveals that 94 percent of the UK’s children snack, and over half do so on a daily basis. There are approximately 12 million children in the UK which equates to over six million snacking occasions every day. Fruit is the most common snack among children with 67 percent of children snacking on fruit, closely followed by crisps at 65 percent. The remaining top spots are filled by biscuits (64 percent), chocolate (42 percent) and confectionery (37 percent). However, fruit remains the overall snack of choice with one in three children most likely to snack on the natural, sweet treats in either packaged or unpackaged forms. 

Parents worry about kids snacking habits
Parents across the UK are increasingly concerned with their children’s snacking habits, which is not surprising given the media attention surrounding the issue of rising childhood obesity levels. In the same survey, one in three parents expressed concern regarding their child’s weight; approximately 40 percent expressed concern about snacking and overall dietary habits and over half are worrying over whether their children are eating enough fruit and vegetables.

Snacking market rife with opportunities
The findings of the survey highlight a number of opportunities for snacking manufacturers. Kirsty Nolan, analyst with Canadean, says: “There is a definite need for healthy snacks for children. More and more parents want to incorporate the ‘five-a-day', which is the generally accepted healthy daily quantity of fruit and vegetable portions, in their children’s diets.”

In its simplest form this can be packaged fresh fruit, conveniently prepared and packed in a bag ideal for lunch boxes or snacking on-the-go. Asda has an extensive private label range of children’s fruit products which appeal to parents because the pre-packaged fruit bags provide kids with one of their ‘five-a-day’. Processed options are also growing in popularity. Organix has a range of fruit snacking bars under its ‘Goodies’ brand which again provide one of the recommended 'five-a-day' while also promising to be 100 percent organic and containing no added sugar, artificial flavours or colours. Nolan adds: “Along with the health benefits, parents also like the extended shelf-life of processed fruit products, as they can be stored more easily than fresh fruit.”

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