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How retailers can participate in the pumpkin mania this fall

Article-How retailers can participate in the pumpkin mania this fall

How retailers can participate in the pumpkin mania this fall
Check out these health food store promos spotted on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere on the Internet.

Even the most genuine pumpkin aficionado has to admit, the pumpkin craze that takes hold of U.S. consumers every fall—a "season" that often encroaches on the end of summer—has gotten out of control. With pumpkin-flavored everything, it's hard for consumers and retailers alike not to be overwhelmed.

We scoured Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the natural foods internets to find some of the best ways, from seasonal products to special promotions, that retailers are taking advantage of pumpkin season.

Teasing appetites: Get people into your store to shop by tempting them with recipes—from pumpkin mascarpone pie (for real) to serving a whole dinner out of a pumpkin

Private labels go all out: This year’s pumpkin-themed product line from Sprouts includes everything from pumpkin kale chips to pumpkin-molasses BBQ sauce.

Guess the weight of the pumpkin: PCC hosts a contest for someone to win the giant pumpkin for themselves. 

Pumpkin comes in bottles, too: Another from PCC: Drop the snacks, promote your pumpkin-flavored beer offerings.

Pumpkin for breakfast: Purely Elizabeth is pushing its pumpkin fig granola.

No gluten doesn’t mean no pumpkin: There are plenty of gluten-free baking mixes to push this year.

Beauty products: And a DIY find from Twitter: encourage customers to make their own pumpkin-based foot scrub.

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