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NMI releases new Gluten Free 2015 report

NMI releases new Gluten Free 2015 report
Comprehensive new report on consumer need states, attitudes, usage and opportunities.

NMI, a leading research and global intelligence provider to brands and corporations, is pleased to release its much awaited report, Gluten Free 2015, the industry’s most comprehensive report on the gluten-free food/beverage marketplace!

NMI knows gluten-free consumers
Do you know that nearly half of the general population have used gluten-free foods/beverages in the past year? Usage is now higher than ever! Maryellen Molyneaux, NMI managing partner, shares that “Gluten Free 2015 is a groundbreaking study that seeks to uncover and quantify the attributes and benefits that would provide longevity to this market sector. Despite only a small percentage of the population having celiac disease or gluten intolerance, going gluten-free has become all the rage. Within NMI's Health and Wellness Trends Database®, a significant increase in household penetration of gluten-free products has been observed. Not only is this among consumers who have medical need, but the largest portion of users is among consumers who are early adopting leaders in the healthy foods market, the WELL BEINGS®, as well as a group referred to as FENCE SITTERS®, the healthy 'Wannabees®'."

The intent of this report is to provide a solid overview of where the gluten-free food/beverage marketplace stands, while investigating how to increase household penetration of gluten-free products by:

  • Understanding motivations beyond celiac and gluten intolerance
  • Uncovering new product opportunities across categories
  • Understanding who’s buying what gluten-free categories
  • Determining attitudes and needs that will foster longevity
  • How do Brands retain consumers when a solid portion of Gluten-Free Users are classified as ‘Gluten-Avoiders,’ they’re avoiding, but not eliminating gluten?
  • Who are the REAL consumer targets for gluten-free?

NMI’s applied 3-phase project methodology 
Each phase included overlay of NMI’s health and wellness segmentation model – Now with 16 years of annual tracking, 93 percent predictive accuracy, and overlay into all Nielsen products for additional insight. 

  • Phase 1: NMI Database and Health & Wellness Segment Insights—Over 7,000 Interviews! 
  • Phase 2: Nielsen HomeScan Health and Wellness Segment Insight – 50,000 households! 
  • Phase 3: Attitude and Usage Study that analyzed key consumer groups. 
  • 1,004 Gluten-Free Users, balanced on key demographics: age, gender, race and income 
  • 223 Non-Gluten-Free Users (never used) 
  • 97 Lapsed Gluten-Free Users (used, but not in past year) 
  • Other key groups analyzed: Celiac/intolerant; heavy vs. light GF users; health issues and medical conditions 
  • Uncovers motivations to use – medical versus prevention versus weight loss and other; occasions, HH need states, benefits sought, brand attributes and loyalty, sources of information and more.
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