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Top 5 'un-trends' of 2015

Top 5 'un-trends' of 2015
These former trends are no longer trends. Rather, they have transitioned to “business as usual.”

BrandHive bets that you’ve been inundated with “top trends for 2015” lists for weeks now. So the natural products industry experts have decided to explore the top 5 “un-trends” of 2015 instead. These former trends are no longer trends. Rather, they have transitioned to “business as usual.”

  1. Gluten-free and non-GMO are on the shelf to stay. SPINS ranks non-GMO varieties among the fastest growing supplement categories of 2014. Plus, 9 percent of consumers actively look for gluten-free options, regardless of medical sensitivity.
  2. Personalized health care is getting pushy. Consumer self-care is blurring the lines between supplements, food and pharma. Consumers want functional and nutritional solutions, which combine health, convenience and performance.
  3. Move over three meals a day—snackification is the norm. The breakfast-lunch-dinner paradigm is dead and buried. Consumers are convinced that snacking can be a healthy way to maintain their metabolism and keep cravings in check.
  4. Look and see. Visual content is mandatory. Visual assets can be pricey, but worth it when a quick glance at an infographic communicates more to your customers than an entire white paper. And if ROI is your goal, video is a top-ranking Lead-Gen asset in the nutrition industry.
  5. Shotgun or sniper rifle? Micro-targeting hits the big time. Technology can help you target consumers who want exactly what you’re offering. And because Google, Facebook and Twitter all have ad programs that do micro-targeting for you, you can implement this strategy without hiring an IT staff.


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