What's NEXT in natural?

What's NEXT in natural?

Tweet Chat 8.15.2013

Calling all product provocateurs, delightfully disruptive innovators and forward-thinking retailers to a #Next4Cast Tweet Chat to answer: What's NEXT in natural?  

Date: August 15, 2013

Time: 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET

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During the chat, @newhope360, @next4cast and participants will chip away at this huge question via the following 10 macro forces shaping today + tomorrow, as identified in the NEXT Forecast 2014:

  1. Scaling authentically
  2. Redefining innovation
  3. Ancient wisdom
  4. Transcendent transparency
  5. Raw messaging
  6. The new normal
  7. Organic in perspective
  8. The value(s) shopper
  9. Smart, values-driven money
  10. Personalization

Never attended a Tweet Chat before?

  1. Log on to Twitter or create a Twitter profile if you don't have one yet.
  2. Visit our Tweet Chat Room. Or you can choose to follow the hashtag #Next4Cast on your mobile phone or Twitter app.
  3. Once in our Twitter Chat Room, type your comments (less than 140 characters) and hit Tweet. Be sure the Add hashtag box is checked, and #Next4Cast will already be included, so no need to type it!
  4. Hit the reply arrow to respond to someone directly and the Retweet symbol to repost what someone else has said.
  5. New tweets will appear at the top of the chat. Keep in mind that questions and comments you tweet may not be answered right away. Allow time for all participants to respond and for tweets to appear in the chat.

Questions? Tweet us @NewHope360 or leave them in the comments.





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