Matsun offers free private label design

Matsun offers free private label design

To accommodate the demand for a cost effective private label supplement program, Matsun Nutrition is now offering free in-house private label design.

Matsun Nutrition is now offering free graphic design work for its private labeling program in an effort to help clients get started with private labeling supplements and keep startup costs low. There are 65 stock products to choose from and there is no minimum order quantity required. This allows businesses to start off with a few products to increase sales. Matsun Nutrition takes care of all of the details in private labeling supplements, working closely with your company. Their graphic design team completes the label designs the same day as the order.

"Our private label program has proven to help companies increase sales and grow their business," says Brett Peterson, Matsun Nutrition's director of business development, "and by offering free private label design, our clients save ultimately thousands of dollars in design work."

Matsun Nutrition is able to offer such a competitive service because they know how well their stock supplements and vitamins sell. They are also confident in the reorder potential. All of the stock vitamins and supplements they offer have been market tested, have received favorable feedback and are proven to sell in health stores, chiropractor offices, and in pharmacies. Matsun Nutritionā€™s supplements are of the highest quality, taste great, functional and marketable. This results in products their clients can feel good about putting their own label on.

For those clients who do not have their own logo, Matsun Nutrition is also offering logo design services. "Solid branding is crucial to any successful product. We want to make sure that the labels we create our representative of our clients' goals and match the target market they are bringing their product to," said Matsun Nutrition's private label program director, Patrick Sattley.

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