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5 online ways to cater to multicultural shoppers

5 online ways to cater to multicultural shoppers

Organic shoppers? Check. Gluten-free shoppers? Check. Halal shoppers? Hmm. Use these tips to cater to your store's diverse audience. 

If your store serves a diverse demographic, one-size marketing does not fit all. Fortunately, social media is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to reach populations such as Muslims—one of the fastest growing consumer segments. Because these shoppers aren’t as used to stores engaging with them, your online attention may cultivate loyalty.

Marketing and social media expert Lisa Mabe, founder of Hewar Social Communications in Washington, D.C., is a pioneer in marketing to Muslims. Try her social media tips to cater to this and other ethnic consumer groups online.

  1. List your store on, the world’s largest guide to halal restaurants and products.
  2. Acknowledge culturally relevant holidays such as Ramadan, Diwali (“Festival of Lights,” primarily a five-day Hindu festival) and the Chinese New Year. Minority groups aren’t usually accustomed to validation in the form of messages like “Happy Diwali.” Therefore, making these types of acknowledgements on your Facebook page or Twitter feed can go a long way, and you’ll be rewarded at the register. After all, Ramadan can be like having 30 Thanksgivings in a row for retailers, since it lasts an entire month.
  3. Support local multicultural communities by sponsoring cultural and holiday events or promotions. Perhaps even host your own social media giveaway focused on products that cater to these groups.
  4. Create culturally relevant social media content. If you have a sizeable base of Jewish shoppers, consider partnering with a well-known kosher food blogger to create meal ideas and recipes using some of the kosher products you carry. Follow these special-interest communities to find partners in kosher and beyond: Kosher/Jewish: Joy of Kosher,; Halal/Muslim: My Halal Kitchen; Indian: Divanee.
  5. Bring the groups’ ethics and beliefs,such as hospitality, family values and giving, to life in your brand messaging and actions.This can help create a deeper emotional tie between your store and the shoppers you want to reach.
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