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Digestive Health Webinar

Emerging Opportunities in Digestive Health


Emerging Opportunities in Digestive Health: Grow sales with the newest science, product development insights, and innovative approaches to consumer education.

The gastrointestinal tract is gaining greater focus among researchers and consumers for its integral role in wellness. Acid reflux, H. pylori and lactose intolerance are only the beginning. In fact, it's estimated that as much as 70 percent of the body's immune function is located in the gut. New research also links poor gut health to skin appearance, neurologic disorders, inflammatory diseases and even cancer. Probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and fiber have been clear ingredient winners in this category, but other nutrients such as selenium, aloe and omega-3 fatty acids also show promise. In addition, the booming success of the gluten-free movement is largely related to growing consumer understanding of the link between diet and gut health.

This interactive, hour-long webinar will focus on the latest digestive health research and most recent and successful food, beverage and supplement product launches in this category. We will also highlight:

  • New market strategies
  • Novel product examples
  • The greatest opportunities for driving consumer digestive health education at the retail shelf and beyond

This complimentary event is designed for nutritional ingredient suppliers, product manufacturers and marketers, and natural products retailers.