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The rise of regenerative agriculture [e-guide]

Imagine a world where industrial crop production supports healthier air, water and soil; a time when rural communities thrive thanks to their local farms; a world where foods are rife with nutrients and the future of agriculture is a thing of beauty and promise...

This is the vision that grows within regenerative agriculture-a practice of farming, based on ecological principles, that builds soil health and recaptures carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

Could this practice be a critical solution to climate issues, depleting soil quality and more? 

We partnered with Organic India to bring you this new educational eGuide, which explores the emerging practice of regenerative farming and its potential impacts on our health and our environment. 

Inside, you'll find:

• Stories of sustainable farms globally 
• A deep dive into the qualities of soil that make it great for our health 
• Information on biodynamic farming practices 
• An introduction to our sponsor, Organic India

... and plenty more.

Download your copy below!