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Engredea Market Quickstart

Market Quickstart is a teaching program, offered exclusively by New Hope's Engredea, that helps companies in the healthy and natural products industry prepare for international business especially in the United States. Focused mostly on companies providing healthy ingredients for supplements, food, beverage and personal care, this 1-1.5 day workshop brings international experts to places like Beijing and Shanghai in China, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore in India to discuss regulations, markets and opportunities, how to communicate, best practices, quality and supply issues and other critical topics with leading international organizations wanting to learn how to improve their international business. This workshop is free to participants and is truly intended to help them be more successful.

Companies will learn:

  • What are regulators currently thinking and enforcing?
  • What segments of the market have the most opportunity?
  • When do you need a distributor or local agent or office?
  • What channels, shows, magazines are there and how do you communicate with these groups?
  • What do your potential customers look for in a supplier?
  • How can you be different and get the attention of potential clients?
  • and much more