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For entrepreneurs, success starts with being the CEO of your own life [webinar replay]

For entrepreneurs, success starts with being the CEO of your own life [webinar replay]

Watch Your Body as a Temple: Walking the Walk.

Daniel Sullivan, founder of Temple Turmeric, and Amie Valpone, author of the bestselling book “Eating Clean,” have something in common: the understanding that honoring one’s body is critical to an entrepreneur’s success.

Sullivan, who has a background in yoga, began using fresh turmeric and noticed benefits to his body and mind.

“I wanted to bring the healing herb to the world, to share its health benefits with a greater audience,” Sullivan said during a New Hope Network webinar for entrepreneurs.

Valpone, who suffered from Lyme disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome and hypothyroidism, decided to look inward when she’d exhausted all her options with traditional medicine. She began to choose to feel gratitude on a daily basis, rather than feeling like a victim.

 “It’s all about shifting your perspective. Ten years of chronic illness taught me that you can take any obstacle and turn it into an opportunity,” Valpone says.

Body as a temple

Both Sullivan and Valpone agree that giving the mind, body and spirit what it truly needs is necessary to achieve success.

“It’s about accessing optimal wellness by embracing lifestyle changes with disciplined practices and superfoods like turmeric. So that same discipline will translate to everything entrepreneurs do,” Sullivan says.

Turmeric is a highly strategic food that has evolved over millennium to create optimal balance in the body, Sullivan says. It’s the time-tested proven botanical leading the pack to address the inflammation that’s a byproduct of modern life.

Valpone has found success in what she calls eating clean and focusing on the health of her microbiome. She also suggests doing daily detox practices, such as flossing and tongue scraping, Epsom salt baths, and cold shower therapy.

Walking the walk

Sullivan and Valpone believe entrepreneurs should lead by example.

“When your employees see you taking care of yourself and staying grounded under pressure, integrity becomes integrated and contagious,” Valpone advises. “Self-respect, discipline, personal radiance… these are all qualities that inspire an ethos of presence, passion, motivation, drive, efficiency and confidence. All this translates into alignment and long-term sustainability in company culture.”

Others will see how you take care of yourself, respect yourself by the way you eat, meditate, and take time to be—instead of always just doing, he says.

Watch the webinar replay to hear more of the entrepreneurs’ holistic approach to success.

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