Arcadia launches Sonova Ultra GLA Safflower Oil

Arcadia launches Sonova Ultra GLA Safflower Oil

With 55 percent gamma linolenic acid, this new offering provides a GLA concentration more than twice as high as any other commercial oilseed.

Arcadia Biosciences Inc., an agricultural biotechnology company focused on developing technologies and products that benefit the environment and enhance human health, announced the commercial launch of SONOVA® ULTRA GLA Safflower Oil. With 55 percent gamma linolenic acid (GLA), this addition to the company’s nutritional oils portfolio offers a GLA concentration more than twice as high as produced in any other commercial oilseed.

Traditional sources of GLA oil contain relatively low amounts of the important omega-6 fatty acid and are often difficult to cultivate, making supply erratic and expensive. Evening primrose oil contains approximately 10 percent GLA, and borage oil contains approximately 20 percent GLA. In 2011, Arcadia launched SONOVA 400 GLA Safflower Oil, containing 40 percent GLA, to give consumers and formulators a more highly concentrated and cost-effective source of GLA. Consumers benefit by having to take fewer capsules per day to achieve a health benefit, and dietary supplement and medical food companies benefit through more efficient formulations.

Gamma linolenic acid is an important nutritional omega-6 fatty acid with documented health benefits that are similar and complementary to those of omega-3 fatty acids.

  • GLA provides dietary support for a wide range of conditions such as weight management, skin health and women’s health (hormonal balance), with the core of its health benefits related to its anti-inflammatory attributes.
  • GLA, in combination with the important omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA that are typically found in fish oil, has been shown to support heart and eye health and promote normal inflammation response, respiratory, nervous system and joint health.
  • Current GLA research is focused on cognitive/mental function, adult blood sugar management and metabolic function, heart health and skin health.

“Consumers seeking to maximize the benefits of functional ingredients are demanding increased efficacy with smaller doses,” said Eric Rey, president and CEO of Arcadia. “SONOVA ULTRA features the most highly concentrated commercial source of GLA produced in a seed oil today, offering dietary supplement companies greater flexibility in the development of nutritional and functional food products.”

When SONOVA 400 GLA Safflower Oil was first introduced commercially in 2011, it represented a significant increase in GLA concentration over other dietary sources: four times the GLA concentration of evening primrose oil and twice the concentration of borage oil. SONOVA ULTRA GLA Safflower Oil is the next generation product for applications requiring even higher levels of GLA.

Both SONOVA 400 and SONOVA ULTRA GLA Safflower Oil are grown and produced in the United States under strict Identity Preservation (IP) protocols. SONOVA ULTRA GLA Safflower Oil is currently available in bulk oil and softgels. Arcadia also offers retail-ready packaged softgels.

Dietary supplement companies looking for a cost-efficient and sustainable source of highly concentrated GLA may find SONOVA ULTRA GLA Safflower Oil to be their optimal solution.

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