Coast Southwest launches olive oil emulsifiers

Coast Southwest launches olive oil emulsifiers

Natural emulsi­ers derived from olive oil impart a luxurious skin feel and elegant texture while providing stability to fi­nished personal care products.

Coast Southwest Inc. introduces Olivatis™, an exciting new line of high-performing natural emulsi­ers derived from olive oil. These novel ingredients impart a luxurious skin feel and an elegant texture while providing stability to the fi­nished product.

“We are extremely excited to take this new technology to the North American personal care market,” said Joseph C. Cimo, president of Coast Southwest. “With Olivatis, we are pleased to add another advanced ingredient to our comprehensive and diverse product line.”

Olivatis emulsi­ers are natural, sustainable, PEG-free, and ideal for nonionic systems. Olive oil has long been a basic ingredient for herbalist and cosmetic preparations due to its lubricating, restructuring, and skin-protecting properties. This new generation of emulsi­ers produces the ultimate in olive oil–based chemistry.

“Olivatis emulsi­ers are a must for any formulator looking at making green chemistry emulsions. They are stable, simple to use, and add a silky, light feel to the skin,” said Jacklin Vetkoetter Hoffelt, senior marketing  specialist, personal care at Coast Southwest. “This line is superior to anything else on the market.”

Coast Southwest’s in-house team of chemists and application experts will provide formulation guidance so customers can easily incorporate these cutting edge ingredients to create new and innovative products for their customers.

Coast Southwest is featuring Olivatis emulsi­ers in Booth #1246 the New York SCC Suppliers’ Day on May 13 and 14 at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison, N.J.

Olivatis is produced by Medolla Italia s.r.l. 

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