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InFat now in 16 baby formulas

InFat now in 16 baby formulas
Advanced Lipids' sn-2 Palmitate fat ingredient resembles the composition, structure and nutritional value of breast milk.

INFAT®, the innovative ingredient marketed by Advanced Lipids, a joint venture of AAK and Enzymotec, has been introduced by Advanced Lipids customers into 16 new products globally in this year alone. Contributions from the new products' launches are expected to start in 2015.

INFAT is a sn-2 Palmitate (OPO) fat ingredient, produced by a patented enzymatic process, which enables it to resemble the composition, structure and nutritional value of breast milk. INFAT ensures an optimal level of sn-2 Palmitate in the infant formula.

INFAT® is the only sn-2 Palmitate (OPO) fat ingredient that has been clinically linked to significantly reduced crying duration mainly in the late afternoon and evening time. By series of clinical and preclinical trials, it was demonstrated that infant formulas containing INFAT show a beneficial contribution to infant's health and well-being, relating to enhanced beneficial gut flora, controlled intestinal health, softer stools, increased fat absorption and increased bone strength.

"INFAT is produced according to the highest standards of quality and safety, and the satisfying results indicate that customers recognize it," said Karel Stoschek, CEO of Advanced Lipids.

"Leading consumer brands globally rely on INFAT to provide them an innovative, well-established component with a clinically proven holistic effect of infants' development and well-being," said Yoav Kahane, chairman of Advanced Lipids. "INFAT creates an opportunity for brand owners to differentiate and to offer excellence and high quality to their consumers so that they can make good, healthy, informed choices for their babies.”


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