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Functional Ingredients

FermaPro® Black Garlic




FermaPro® Black Garlic is a “complete” antioxidant – it not only scavenges six different biologically-relevent free radicals, but also activates the body’s own antioxidant enzymes, inhibits pro-oxidant enzymes and chelates free radical-producing metal ions.  Such comprehensive antioxidant activity results in support for cardiovascular health and immune health, backed by clinical studies.

FermaPro® Black Garlic is an example of how fermentation can increase the levels of a key phytochemical as well as create new ones.  Black garlic is the result of aging regular garlic under mild heat resulting in natural enzymatic fermentation which improves garlic’s immune-enhancing activity and antioxidant potency - doubling the oxygen radical absorption capacity value of regular garlic.  The most abundant antioxidant compound found in black garlic is S-Allyl-Cysteine (SAC).  This white paper reviews the current science pertaining to black garlic and its active compound SAC, with particular attention to its antioxidant activity and human clinical trials.


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