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Fermented Dietary Supplement Ingredients - Looking Beyond the Probiotic Benefits

Fermented Dietary Supplement Ingredients - Looking Beyond the Probiotic BenefitsThe process of fermenting foods—for preservation and to make them more digestible and nutritious—is an ancient ritual that has been performed by humans for thousands of years. Many cultures still eat fermented foods, but unfortunately, fermented foods have largely disappeared from the Western diet, resulting partly from an incorrect but widespread belief that all bacteria are dangerous to one’s health. The truth is that in the fermentation environment, the “good” microorganisms, like Lactobacillus, crowd out the “bad” pathogens, making the process of fermenting foods an extremely safe technology. In addition to the preservation and probiotic effect that fermentation may bring to foods, only recently have scientific investigations confirmed what many cultures have always known— fermented foods provide numerous other nutritional and health benefits. Learn more about the benefits for your personal health and the role of fermented ingredients in your product formulation process.

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