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AIDP releases PreticX white paper

AIDP releases PreticX white paper
New prebiotic ingredient with "gold standard" human clinical data directly associates its use with improved healthy microflora and better digestive health.

AIDP has released a white paper based on the peer-reviewed and published science behind the mechanism of action, safety and efficacy of a new prebiotic ingredient, PreticX. The research backing PreticX includes a 2014 randomized, controlled trial from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The product is a non-GMO prebiotic that has GRAS status. It has been shown in clinical studies to significantly increase the proliferation of good gut bacteria, Bifidobacterium, at a very low dosage and thus has a significantly better tolerance profile compared to other prebiotics.

Jennifer Gu, Ph.D., AIDP’s vice president of research and development, said, “Advancing scientific research continues to demonstrate that balanced gut microbiota is essential for digestive function and that an unhealthy microbiota balance in the gut is a precursor to serious digestive and immune system issues. The use of both prebiotic and probiotic products will continue to grow as consumers begin to understand that their digestive and immune function will decline gradually with age.

“PreTicX, a new prebiotic XOS, provides unique benefits including a low effective dosage, superior gastrointestinal safety, acid and temperature stability, and excellent taste profile. It has strong clinical data on its ability to increase healthy microflora as well as reduce biomarkers of certain health conditions. PreticX presents a compelling option in both foods and supplements to effectively target and promote gastrointestinal health.”

The 2014 UCLA study determined the tolerance and effects of prebiotic xylooligosaccaraides (XOS) to gut microbiota and whether these changes could be achieved without side effects. The study showed that Bifidobacterium counts increased in both PreticX groups compared to the placebo subjects. Also significant, when the prebiotics were compared, researchers found that Bifidobacterium favored XOS and confirmed findings from other human and animal studies, suggesting that XOS is an effective prebiotic that can change microbiota levels with a lower dose.

The white paper notes:

  • PreticX increases Bifidobacteria as low as 1.4 mg per day.
  • PreticX supplementation selectively activates beneficial but not harmful bacteria.
  • XOS showed significantly positive effects on serum triglyceride, cholesterol and glucose concentrations.
  • PreticX supplementation changes the microenvironment associated with obesity.
  • PreticX induced a favorable change in gut microbiota in diabetic and prediabetic individuals.
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