FutureCeuticals launches fēnol organic polyphenol fiber

FutureCeuticals launches fēnol organic polyphenol fiber

Organic, kosher ingredient boasts 2 percent polyphenols and 30 percent dietary fiber.

FutureCeuticals announced the launch of fēnol™ organic polyphenol fiber. fēnol is an all-natural, organic fiber from grains rich in natural fiber polyphenols.

Fiber polyphenols are plant flavonoids naturally bound to dietary fiber, a complex rich in antioxidant activity. The protective matrix of dietary fiber allows fiber polyphenols to survive digestion and carry through to the colon intact. Here they may deliver healthy antioxidant activity and provide an all-natural, fermentable substrate for healthy bacterial microflora growth, thus setting the stage for a distinct advantage in fiber nutrition.

fēnol is a truly novel polyphenol fiber, boasting 2 percent polyphenols and 30 percent dietary fiber. Certified organic and OU Kosher, affordable and formulation friendly, fēnol offers unique opportunities to meet consumer demand for improved fiber levels in functional foods, RTMs, and RTD applications.

FutureCeuticals will also be available to discuss fēnol organic polyphenol fiber and its wider range of unique, quality nutritional supplement and functional food ingredients at booth #1728 at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Calif., March 8 to 10, 2013.


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