Wacker intros alpha-cyclodextrin at IFT

Wacker intros alpha-cyclodextrin at IFT

CAVAMAX W6 is a vegetarian-grade stabilizer for cake icings with no solid fats, egg-free fillings for confectionery products and fat-free fruit mousses.

WACKER will be present at the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo 2013, where the company will introduce CAVAMAX® W6 alpha-cyclodextrin as a vegetarian-grade stabilizer for novel food applications, such as cake icings with no solid fats, egg-free fillings for confectionery products, and fat-free fruit mousses.

CAVAMAX W6 acts as a whipping agent and effectively stabilizes oil-in-water emulsions, allowing manufacturers to produce stable foam in a huge variety of desserts without using fat or protein. Because the mouthfeel of these products can be made to vary from creamy to solid, their organoleptic properties are excellent. As water-soluble dietary fiber, alpha-cyclodextrin has been shown to have a positive effect on blood cholesterol. Cyclodextrins are 100 percent vegetarian-grade, low-calorie, cholesterol-free, nonfat and nonallergenic, and are produced entirely from renewable raw materials.


CAVAMAX W6 also allows manufacturers to fine-tune the texture from creamy to spreadable—even when straight from the refrigerator—to a hard sugar glaze. Yet another advantage of this product is the increased temperature stability that it lends to icings, thus extending the shelf life of baked goods, even when shipped long distances or when sold in warmer climates.


Using alpha-cyclodextrin allows new formulations for deserts and baked goods that not only eliminate the need for emulsifiers but mean that they can also be prepared without fat or eggs.

Because commercially available desserts such as creams and chocolate mousse are based on fat or protein, they often have to be stabilized with emulsifiers or require additional proteins as whipping aids. With CAVAMAX W6, however, a great variety of foods, such as fruit juices, fruit purées, yogurt or even honey, can be whipped to produce fluffy, stable creams—with no added fat or protein. Many confectionery products, such as nougat or marshmallow fillings for chocolates, are usually made with the help of whipped egg whites. When used as an innovative whipping aid, CAVAMAX W6 completely eliminates the need for aerated egg whites.

And by improving the air content during aeration, this product also ultimately enhances the texture of the end product. Plus, the same initial quantity yields a higher whipped volume. Because alpha-cyclodextrin is also quite resistant to heat and acidic environments, it can be processed in starting products in which the pH is low, thus allowing manufacturers to produce entirely new kinds of fillings, creams and mousses.

Visit WACKER at IFT 2013, Booth 3842.

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