Z Trim's Biofiber Gum studied for many health benefits

ZTH will further evaluate BFG's impact on arabinoxylans oligosaccharides ratios in relation to blood sugar control, weight management and more.

Z Trim Holdings Inc. (ZTH) (OTC Markets: ZTHO), an AgriTech company providing value-added, highly functional ingredients to a variety of industries, announced the imminent commencement of an animal feeding study by an independent laboratory to quantify the physiological effects of its recently launched ingredient, Biofiber Gum (BFG), on weight gain and cholesterol. Prior studies that identified such health benefits, using similar but non-commercialized soluble fiber, are available upon request. ZTH will further evaluate BFG's impact on Arabinoxylans Oligosaccharides (AXOS) ratios. Of importance are the physiological effects of AXOS on:

  • liver fat
  • cholesterol
  • inflammatory cytokines
  • kidney, heart and colon health
  • intestinal gene expression
  • blood sugar control
  • weight management

Previous animal feeding studies on the benefits of ingesting AXOS (the major components of BFG) have shown improved colon health as well as positive effects on the immune system, obesity, cholesterol levels and blood glucose management.

"AXOS have recently attracted a lot of attention for their prebiotic activity and the corresponding high potential for health benefits," said Kyle Hanah, ZTH vice president of technology.  "For example, a recently submitted FDA protocol to demonstrate the ability of AXOS to decrease the intestinal generation of toxins associated with kidney issues such as indoxyl sulfate and p-cresyl sulfate in healthy individuals, validates our keen interest in exploring the health benefits of BFG. After significant R&D, when we finally discovered how to make a commercially viable BFG, we knew we were on to something exceptional that could improve the health of humans and animals alike."

"This is another key step in the rollout of our soluble fiber product, BFG. We hope that positive data from this study will accelerate the conversations we have initiated with several prominent food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing companies," said Z Trim CEO Steve Cohen. 


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