CEO Video Interview: Vitamin Shoppe Benefiting from Increased Consumer Interest in Supplements

[video: id=streamhoster-http://web18.streamhoster.com/pentonmedia/penton/breed/6d0b4834-6151-4b05-93b9-57ee97384176.flv, thumb=http://web18.streamhoster.com/pentonmedia/penton/breed/633885423300697897.gif]

The sagging economy doesn’t have Vitamin Shoppe CEO Tom Tolworthy down. In fact, he says the growth in multivitamins, herbs & botanicals and other mainstay dietary supplements reflect the “unprecedented opportunities” facing the dietary supplement industry today. “We are seeing new customer count trends in our stores well ahead of the three-year average,” Tolworthy told Nutrition Business Journal Editor Carlotta Mast at the 2009 NBJ Summit.

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