CRN Expands its International Reach


The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN)—which is a leading U.S. dietary supplement trade association and winner of the 2009 NBJ Business Achievement Education Award—will open an office in Manno, Switzerland, and plans to call the new wholly-owned subsidiary the Council for Responsible Nutrition-International (CRN-I). CRN-I will be a self-funded, non-profit association, supported by CRN member and non-member companies. More than 12 companies have pledged their support to CRN-I and additional funding is anticipated, according to CRN. As its first order of business, CRN-I will conduct a one-day scientific symposium titled “Scientific Issues Related to Codex Goals,” which will take place July 3, 2010, in Geneva, Switzerland, in conjunction with the Codex Alimentarius Commission meeting.

CRN Chairman Mark LeDoux expressed a desire to expand CRN’s work globally and promote the dietary supplement industry as a viable piece of the global healthcare puzzle. “This was a natural progression for CRN to formalize the work it’s been doing for decades by standing up for science-based principles for dietary/food supplements worldwide,” LeDoux wrote in a prepared statement. “CRN-I will provide a new forum by which we can strengthen our current efforts, with a particular emphasis on promoting sound nutrition and food safety policies, and encouraging government bodies, regulators and other decision makers to make policy recommendations that are well-grounded in science. In this global economy, having a European-based platform from which to disseminate science-based policy recommendations has been imperative to maximize our influence on behalf of our multi-national members doing business around the world.”

NBJ Bottom Line 

As diverse global regulatory challenges mount and critics speculate as to the quality of dietary supplement products, having an established trade association advocating on behalf of the industry in Europe will benefit science-based companies in the United States and abroad. CRN is known for its media outreach and its ability to help restore consumer confidence by telling “the other side of the story” when one-sided or misleading studies find their way into the headlines. CRN not only advocates on behalf of industry suppliers, manufacturers and marketers, but it also hosts continuing education programs for doctors, registered dieticians, pharmacists and other healthcare providers. By expanding its reach, the non-profit organization will have a chance to disseminate its message to a wider audience and promote those companies that invest in science and research—thereby enhancing the profile and reputation of the entire global dietary supplement industry.

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