Mergers & Acquisitions Report 2005


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Nutrition Business Journal has maintained a comprehensive database of transactions in the nutrition industry since 1996. This has proven to be a valuable tool for tracking deal flow & activity, identifying buyers and sellers, comparing deal structures, performing valuations, establishing benchmarks and many others uses for financial and strategic consultants and executives in the nutrition industry. NBJ's M&A Report 2005 includes:

  • Profiles of 625 deals detailing each firm involved, sales statistics and valuation multiples where available, and deal rationale.
  • Yearly reviews of M&A activity as well as product category and sales channel reviews.
  • Each review includes details on the top deals and valuation statistics to aid the reader in understanding the historical and current drivers of transaction activity.

In 2000, aggressive M&A activity (over 200 transactions in 2 years) compelled NBJ to produce its first report on M&A deals and trends in the nutrition industry. During 2001 and 2002 however, sales growth and deal activity slowed significantly. At the time, many claimed the demise of the supplement industry as “hockey stick” growth scenarios did not pan out and the expected double-digit growth in the mass market never materialized. Understandably, acquirer appetite weakened, and NBJ captured only 109 deals in the NBJ M&A database in 2001 and 2002. In 2003, however, nutrition industry growth climbed back up to 8.8%, it’s highest level since 1998, triggering a new series of deals in 2004, a year in which nearly 100 transactions transpired illustrating a renewed interest in partnering absent from the nutrition industry since 2000.

NBJ has also divided the report into individual modules focused on each segment of the industry. Each segment includes a history of M&A in the nutrition industry, a guide to understanding the deal process and a nutrition industry market overview including product sales, sales channel analysis and growth forecasts. Each section also includes information specific to each segment as outlined below.

Click the links below to find out more about each module.
NBJ’s Supplement Company M&A Module 2005
NBJ’s Natural & Organic Food & Beverage Company M&A Module 2005
NBJ’s Functional Food & Beverage Company M&A Module 2005
NBJ’s Raw Material & Ingredient Supply Company M&A Module 2005
NBJ’s Direct Supplement Company M&A Module 2005
NBJ’s Natural & Supplement Retail Company M&A Module 2005
NBJ’s Natural Products Distribution Company M&A Module 2005
NBJ’s Natural Personal Care Company M&A Module 2005

Both the full M&A report and the individual modules are only delivered in electronic PDF format. Click the blue "download" button in Step 3 of the ordering process to download this report.


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