Microalgae: a tiny organism with big potential

Microalgae: a tiny organism with big potential

Algae has already begun to show promise in the nutrition world in the form of omega-3 supplements but microalgae also has many other applications including diesel fuel, cosmetics and wastewater treatment. With proper financing, could microalgae be the solution to some of the major challenges we face?

Omega-3s number among the most important nutritional supplements, and consumers take them for a variety of reasons, both emotional and physical. Now, rather than using fish oil—a raw material source coming under continued stress and shortage—some manufacturers are going straight to the source to produce this supplement: microalgae.

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But scientists have discovered other fantastic uses for microalgae as well. Cosmetics, diesel fuel, livestock feed, wastewater treatment and soil crust restoration are just a few other industries in which scientists are finding practical applications for microalgae.

However, while algal omega-3s seem to be an advancing industry, most of the other applications are struggling to find financing for research.  Many sponsors think that research should be progressing much faster than it is, and will not provide additional support for projects when they’re not seeing immediate results.

The question is, with proper funding, can microalgae be the solution to some of the major challenges we face? Read this article from the Boulder Stand for more on what it will take to make this magic organism’s promise a reality.

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