NBJ Nutrition Industry Overview Web Seminar

Nutrition industry grows 6% to $117 billion in 2010 sales as growth rates for natural & organic foods nearly double those for functional foods and supplements. A rising tide of consumer distrust over science in the food supply points toward segmentation within the industry.  



Nutrition Business Journal’s annual U.S. Nutrition Industry Overview Web Seminar took place on Thursday, August 25, 2011.  Order to hear NBJ Editor-in-Chief Marc Brush, NBJ Director of Market Research Carla Ooyen present a detailed review of the U.S. nutrition industry’s 2010 sales and growth performance by product category and sales channel, as well as discuss trends and issues affecting the industry at the consumer, manufacturer and supplier levels.












Jeff Hilton, co-founder and partner of Integrated Marketing Group (IMG) joined the event to:

  • Assess the state of convergence between food & supplements
  • Discuss opportunities & challenges facing the functional food & beverage market
  • And much more...

Tom Aarts, Principal of Nutrition Capital Network and Managing Director of Nutrition Business Advisors LLC also joined the event to:

  • Review recent press coverage concerning supplements and what they says about this industry
  • Look at where interest lies in nutrition among investors & financial professionals
  • Provide a quick overview of the regulatory climate facing supplements

This NBJ Web Seminar also featured:

  • A mid-year 2011 U.S. nutrition industry sales report, featuring NBJ analysis of data from Information Resources Inc.,
  • ACNielsen and SPINS Growth forecasts by product category and sales channel
  • A Review of GMOs in the nutrition sector, and if this presents an opportunity for organics
  • Rankings of the top U.S. supplement companies
  • A discussion of supplement science and the science necessary to bring that category forward among consumers


Marc Brush Marc Brush is the editor of NBJ and helped guide the editorial direction for all NBJ products. Marc has written for many industry publications, and brings more than 10 years of professional experience in editing and business analytics to NBJ.

Carla Ooyen is the director of market research of NBJ.  In addition to producing market research reports, Carla is responsible for NBJ’s quantitative research, company databases and surveys. Carla earned her MBA from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado.

Tom Aarts Principal of Nutrition Capital Network and Managing Director of Nutrition Business Advisors LLC, a strategic advisory firm focused on the nutrition industry. He co-founded Nutrition Business Journal and is Founder and Co-Chair of The NBJ Summit, the premier executive retreat for the nutrition industry. .

Jeff Hilton is co-founder and partner of Integrated Marketing Group (IMG), a marketing and branding agency servicing a national and international clientele. Jeff has been recognized by Advertising Age as one of America’s Top 100 Marketers and has more than 28 years of broad-based business experience, including 18 years spent within the natural health products industry with leading companies such as Nature’s Way and Nutraceutical Corporation. Jeff has also worked at several major national agencies, where he guided the marketing efforts of numerous recognized consumer brands including Continental Airlines, Mrs. Field’s Cookies and Major League Baseball. .


"Whether you operate in the business of healthy food or dietary supplements, the year 2010 was significant for the changes in momentum that occurred across nutrition. The role that science will be allowed to play in consumers’ diets seems more up for grabs than ever. We'll explore that role, as well as challenges with innovation and regulation in our premier annual webinar on the U.S. nutrition market." says Nutrition Business Journal Editor-in-Chief Marc Brush.


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