New Opportunities & Insights into the U.S. Healthy Foods Market PowerPoint Presentation




In the grips of an economic downturn, consumer’s minds are still focused on eating healthy foods.

This U.S. Healthy Foods Market PowerPoint presentation was prepared by Nutrition Business Journal and survey partner AVERO Research to identify disconnects between consumers, retailers and manufacturers of healthy foods (functional, lesser-evil, natural & organic). Six months of research and statistically valid national survey work went into the analysis of the evolving healthy foods market and this document, which focuses on the opportunities and actions that can be taken by companies and retailers in the healthy foods space.

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The presentation looks at opportunities & insights in 3 sections:

  • Attitudes and Behaviors of US Grocery Consumers
  • Attitudes and Behaviors of Healthy Foods Retailers
  • Attitudes and Behaviors of Healthy Foods Manufacturers
  • New Opportunities in Healthy Foods Manufacturing
  • Manufacturer-Consumer Disconnects
  • Organics: The National Brand Opportunity
  • Opportunity: Health Conditions
  • Food Scares Revisited
  • The Retailer & Manufacturer Popularity Contest
  • Marketing Communications: Trade
  • Marketing Communications: Consumer
  • Opportunities in Healthy Foods Retailing
  • Retailer-Consumer Disconnects
  • Opportunity: Healthy Foods Growth Areas
  • Opportunity: Prepared Foods
  • Organics: Private Label Organics
  • Opportunity: Local Products
  • Store Strategies and Positioning
  • Manufacturer Relationships
  • Marketing and Communications
  • New Insights into the Motivations, Attitudes and Behaviors of US Grocery Consumers
  • U.S. Healthy Foods Market Overview
  • U.S. Consumer Research Findings
  • Methodology
  • Consumer Research


Nutrition Business Journal is widely recognized as the journal of record for the healthy foods industry. Since 1996, NBJ has published the most detailed analysis of the healthy food market available to investors and executives in or interested in the healthy foods opportunity. www.nutritionbusinessjournal.com

AVERO is a marketing research and strategy consulting firm. The firm services clients throughout North America. Current and recent clients include companies in health care, financial services, insurance, media, professional services, and consumer packaged goods. Engagements typically involve some form of customer research that informs strategic change. Research methods used include qualitative and quantitative techniques such as focus groups, survey research, in-depth interviews and point-of-purchase intercepts. www.averoresearch.com

Download will come in a pdf format and will be followed by an email from Nutrition Business Journal with the Powerpoint format.

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