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KIND Snacks founders launch incubator for values-based startups

Camino Partners Former KIND founders, as Camino Partners, launch incubator for values-based startups
Camino Partners will employ team members' experience, partner with entrepreneurs to co-found and grow new ventures that make a difference without compromising.

Daniel Lubetzky and the former KIND Snacks team have founded Camino Partners, an incubator and investment platform committed to helping the next generation of entrepreneurs build long-term value with values.

With just a $5 million initial investment, these once-budding founders steered KIND to a multi-billion-dollar platform by breaking industry conventions and empowering consumers to live better without sacrificing priorities like taste and convenience. A pioneer of social entrepreneurship, KIND paved the way for authentically purpose-driven enterprises.

Now Camino Partners will partner with entrepreneurs to co-found, launch and build new ventures—and to take meaningful positions in entrepreneur-led ventures through the next phases of their growth. Camino Partners looks to team up with best-in-class entrepreneurs whose innovative market solutions will defy categories, shift culture and meet a real need in the marketplace.

The Austin, Texas, incubator plans to help at least 10 brands in the coming five years, Forbes reports. It expects to expand beyond food and beverage brands, as well.

"Too often in growth equity investing, entrepreneurs are forced to compromise their product, culture, vision or values to conform to an investor's markers for short-term success," says Elle Lanning, Camino Partners managing partner and former KIND executive. "We know that every company's pathway to scale will look different, and we look forward to taking that journey with values-aligned partners."

Lubetzky says, "Through KIND, we have amassed tons of expertise on what it takes to identify a true white space, develop a unique value proposition and grow an iconic brand that ultimately gives way to a successful global business. Our team at Camino Partners is ready to help today's brightest entrepreneurs do the same."

Camino Partners already has worked with convenient, better-for-you Mexican food brand SOMOS, which was co-founded and led by Lubetzky; Miguel Leal, KIND's former EVP of marketing; and Rodrigo Zuloaga, also a former KIND executive. In addition, Camino Partners has invested in European breakfast and snack brand Belgian Boys, seaweed snack brand Gimme, and Mediterranean foods brand CAVA.

Formerly known as Equilibra, Camino Partners operates within a broader investment business investing across a wide range of asset classes.

Source: Camino Partners

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